Our showreel


Documentary titled "Everyday Heroes", Client : RB Group in collaboration with Merchant Cantos, London, UK. Director : Richard Crombie, Producer : Stephen Burke .Locations in Varanasi.

Documentary Title : "Jacky" Client : Beijing Galaxy Extension Culture Communication Co., Beijing, China.Actor/Artist : Jacky Heung , Producer - Suni Li .Locations : Kumbakonam & Varanasi

Documentary shoot titled " Naresh Aggarwal Biography " : Lions Club International. Client: CBH Video Productions & Creative Services , Chicago, Illinois, USA. Creative Director : Carole Burke Hallberg, DOP - Brian Wingert , Assistant DOP - Amanda Ratliff, Lions Club PR Specialist - Kristopher Kempski

Documentary Shoot : Cherish Foundation Client : Clean Cuts & Cerebral Lounge, Baltimore, MD, USA. Producer : Jessica Hudson, Producer/Director - Stuart Granger.

Documentary Shoot : Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Client: ECR Studios, Pasadena, CA, USA Director/DOP : Evan Robinson

Travel Documentary Shoot titled " Les Vacances de Monsieur Bruno " Client: Must Media Inc. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Host : Bruno Blanchet, Producer : Marc Philippe, Director : Arnaud Rene, Production Coordinator: Boris Blanchet

"Booze Traveler - India, Season 2" , Host - Jack Maxwell , Producer - Mike Gatanella, DOP- BJ Golnick Client : Karga 7 Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, USA for Travel Channel, USA.

"Vol.920" - Reality TV Show , Producer : Jean Martin Bisson, Director : Jill Niquet -Joyal , Sarah Gregoire , Sebastien Pepin, Production Coordinator: Benoit Tremblay Client: Vol.920 Productions Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.....

"Our Guy in India", Host - British motor racer "Guy Martin", Producers : Amy Roff and Tony Cordeux (Goa Film Services).Client: North One TV, UK

"Operation Change" for Starkey Hearing Foundation, USA. In collaboration with "Articulus Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA", Executive Producer : Melinda Cea, Producer : Evan Swedelson.

"Body Bizarre" for BBC, UK. In collaboration with Barcroft Productions, Producer/Director- Michael Wafer, London, UK.

"Merck for Mothers, MSD for Mothers ", Client - Merck for Mothers (USA), Producer - Tara Haggett, Parallax Productions, Boston, MA, USA.

"PSIPSE India", Client - MacArthur Foundation (USA), Director - Meredith Klein, Producer - Andy Hemmendinger, GVI , Washington, USA.

\"Guinness World Records Mass Participation Event - Largest Kaikottikali Dance\"- Client : Guinness World Records, Producer: Elizabeth Herridge, TNR Communications , UK

"Step Inside the circuit" F1 - Client : Johnnie Walker Black Label,Assistant Producer - Helen Richardson for Firecracker Films , London , UK

Fishing Adventure - Cyril Chauquet, Producer/Director, Montreal, Canada, March 2012

Oprah's Next Chapter - HARPO Studios, JAN 2012

McDonalds Indian Cuisine, Japan 2007

Shape of the World, 1989

Oriental Cuisine

The Islamic Art & Architecture ( Atacama, U.K 2004 )

World's Extreme Homes ( Pioneer TV , U.K 2006 )

Hidden Wisdom Code,Sparkling Sun, Hong Kong, 2006 (So Wai Yee , omona)

Who do you think you are? Wall to wall, BBC, UK, 2006 (Director Sue Hills)

Travels with a Tangerine (Ibna Battuta), Intitial- Endomol, BBC, UK, 2006 (Director Dan Edge)

BBC Hindi, Red Bee Media, BBC World, UK, 2006 (Director Jacquie Beaumont)

Lost Worlds Series II Atlantic Productions, UK for History Channel(Director -Steve Caroll)

Swamiji - OHM Productions, Holland (Director Sushma Pherai)

Charles Sobhraj 2007 for Towers Productions, USA for History Channel (Director Lourdes Castellanos)

Tilley Endurables, Canada (2007) (Director - Nancy Rak-Swales)

Vogue Hellas(Fashion Magazine Greece, Librish Publications, Greece 2)

Project Management for Imagination Publications, USA (2007) (Directors Ross Foti and Jane Hamilton)

Perilous Journeys, National Geographic Television and Towers 2007 Productions, USA

RBS - Ready for Action / Make it Hapen, The Edge Picture Co. UK 2007

Who do you think you are? Mint Productions, Dublin, Ireland 2007.

Beyond The Chair - Beyond The Chair Productions, US Fixer 2008

Galileo - Katja Holtkotter, Maximus Films GmbH, Germany Fixer 2008

Goa - Joanne Ellis, SkyBSky, UK Fixer 2008

Live Earth - Century Films, UK Researcher & Fixer 2008

Who Do You Think You Are ? Mint Productions, Ireland Researcher & Fixer 2008

Storm Riders - Chris Terrill, Itv productions, UK Coordinator & Fixer 2008

SBS TV, Australia

India's Mande Burung, History Channel & Monster Quest, USA - Bill Prouty - 2009

Michel Shine-RTE Dublin, Ireland, 2009

Raging Planet: Blizzard; Pioneer Productions, UK 2009

HIV-AIDS Awareness for MTV-Staying Alive Foundation, UK & Travis McCoy, 2009

Extreme Fishing 3 with Robson Green, IWC Media & Channel 5, UK; 2009

Yahoo Campaign, Phear Creative, USA; 2009

Micro Finance, The Royal Bank of Scotland; UK - Jennifer Brown; 2010

Father of Australia; Scotland - Caledonia TV - Sajid Qayyum; 2010

Hey Ram , Canada - Zulu Films -Jaros Francois; 2010

Mystery Files 2, Parthenon Entertainment - UK - Elena Cappuro; 2010